Water For Injection RO™

As a turn-key water purification provider, OBK water can meet all your water needs. Our signature water system the WFIRO™ produces water for injection directly from a 2 -pass Reverse Osmosis System. If you look at the simplified diagram you will see that this is an on demand water purification system. There is no storage tank required for this application (one can be used if preferred) and water can be drawn directly from the distribution system as it is being produced. As we all know storage tanks are the main cause of failure due to stagnant water conditions. Please remember that even if you do not need WFI quality water, this unit still produces purified water with a lower microbiological aspect with all the cost and operational benefits still intact (each and every benefit is outlined in the pages that follow).

If your organization is global, then distillation is the only acceptable method to produce WFI at this time but: The new EU Pharmacopoeia regulation as of April 2017 will allow WFIRO™ globally and WFIRO™ remains the perfect pretreatment system though a distillation unit is no longer required. If a conventional (RO/EDI with tank) water system is something you would prefer (refer to the previous tab), that is not a problem either. Whichever technology you choose it can be “defined, designed and delivered” to your requirements. Be sure to check out the WFIRO™ green tab which covers all the WFIRO™ “GREEN” benefits. Otherwise continue viewing the pages within this tab to get all the benefits that the WFIRO™ system has to offer your organization.

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